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We Can Recover Data From Any Types Of Hard Drives And Any Possible Fault. Our Tools Supports All Hard Drive Manufactures Including Seagate, Western Digital, Samsung, Hitachi IBM, Fujitsu, Toshiba, Maxtor. For More Details Contact Our Customer Services.  

+DR Data Recovery specializes in data recovery from all types of media but most common one are Hard Drives. We have experiance with recovery from all manufactures.  



At +DR Data Recovery we have the expertise, tools, knowledge and facilities to recover data from all internal and external hard drives types covering:


                              SATA      PATA       SAS       SCSI       ZIFF       USB       SSD       Fiber Chanel

Our data recovery methods are platform independent meaning we can recover data from Windows based machines, Mac operating systems, Linux systems and other file systems used on RAID arrays or portable storage devices.
All work is carried out in our fully equipped Lab in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Our Lab is equipped with Class 100 Clean cabinet to perform all internal drive work. 



+DR Data Recovery can handle all type of logical and phisical damage to your data. We have experiance with all type of failure related to hard drives, we can recovery data from all type of failure but most commons are: Deleted data, Deleted Partitions, Formated Partitons, Clicking hard drives, Dropped, Makes Buzzing Sounds


  • Reading errors on drives, S.M.A.R.T
  • Drive does not appear in my computer
  • Errors such as " Drive not formatted"
  • Seagate 0 Mb capacity
  • Windows not loading and other issues
  • Computer freezing when trying to access your files.

Below a few examples of sounds related to phisical damage inside the hard drive components.

Note if your hard drive sound like the other below or you think not normal please DO NOT turn it on again, if platters of the hard drive get damage there is posibility that data can not be recovered.  


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